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Redisteddi Staffords is the home of our beautiful girl Rhoadi. She celebrated her second birthday on 26th May 2012.  

You may view Rhoadi's photos here. 



Latest News!

Recently I decided to find a stud dog for my girl, it was by no means easy to start with. I thought I would never find one, until I found the right person, who knew people in the pedigree dog circles. Its amazing how most people who most people and their dogs. I became intrigued by the bloodlines in the dogs pedigrees, and sat at my computer all night, looking at show dogs, and their ancestry. It was quite funny to inquire about a stud dog in particular and to find out, hes actually Rhoadi's grand sire and she has his bloodlines already. No accounting for good looks. lol

Through my learning stage I have been so very blessed to have come across 3 lovely ladies who have shared their experiences, their knowledge, and passion for this incredible breed the Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

I am truly smitten with them and if I could have 12 staffies, I would. I am always amazed that there could be so much love between a dog and its owner. In fact most of that gratitude comes from having one in my life, I could never turn back, nor look at another breed of dog with want.


I love my girl like nothing else!

I will be a Staffy lover for life!

Rhoadi's Videos


Rhoadi does a cool trick for a home made treat.
April 2012

Rhoadi's first days with us. August 2010

Always eager to learn @ around 4 months  
"Get in the bag".

Took a long time but here she is swimming at Bunbury beach in April 2012.

Fur Codes

I have fur codes on my pets, and the peace of mind gained is so much more than the small price I paid for it. Awesome idea so I'm sharing!

When your dog or cat goes missing how does the finder get it back home in a matter of minutes?

They dont have a microchip scanner and have no idea where the closest vet clinic is.

Fur codes are small round disks just like your dog tag, that is etched with a unique code containing information about the pet you have it on. Anyone with a smart phone with the QR scanner can instantly get online access about your pet. Your phone number, area you live, veterinary information etc.

On the other side is a simple web address, furcodes.com/id ***. when the finder types this into a web browser, your pets profile page is shown with the phone number and all the info you want displayed.

Fur codes means your pet gets home fast!
Alot of pets go missing during thunder storms, the couple walking through the park or along the street only have their mobile phone, sees your dog confused or wandering, looks at the tag and a few minutes later you receive a phone call, your beloved fur baby has been found.

You can buy them here...

We are located in Millbridge, 8kms out of Bunbury, Western Australia. 

You can contact me via the contact page. 

We also hold dog socialisation play dates in Millbridge on Sunday afternoon. it is a casual thing and we generally get there around 5pm.

As long as your dog is friendly and healthy you are welcome to come along, and let your fur kids have some fun. it is a beautiful spot where the dogs can run around endlessly.

Have an awesome day!

Holroyd Gardens, Millbridge, Wa.

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