My Girl Rhoadi

My Sweetheart Rhoadi. I named her Rhoadi because of my love of Music. Randy Rhoads was an exceptionally talented young guitarist and roadie to me means by my side.

Well by my side was an understatement, and I should have named her "Velcro" !

We have shared almost every day together since May 2010. She sleeps on my bed and never more than 90 cm from my feet where ever they may be!

I didnt know a love between canine and human like this was even possible until I found her. She is my best friend and life is beautiful because of her.

I love you baby girl!

Some of Rhoadi's ancestors.

This is Stafface True Grit (her Great Great Great Grandfather)

You can view Rhoadi's Pedigree Papers here.

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